Hard Chrome Plating

Micro-cracked Hard Chrome is used for additional wear and light corrosion protection to prolong the life of materials that are subjected to prolonged wear conditions.

It can be applied directly to the steel base or as an intermediate coating over Copper or Bronze depending on the item being treated and requirements required.

Micro-cracked Hard Chrome is...

It is considered the ultimate Chrome for wear protection with a hardness of between 900 – 1100 Vickers (70 Rockwell C).

Usually deposits start at .0006” to .001” on printing and general engineering rollers and .005 - .010” rad deposits for reclamation or heavy wear items.

In environments that require a combination of corrosion and wear protection, a layer of Bronze or Nickel on Steel with a final coating of Hard Chrome is usually the industry standard in particular for Hydraulic Cylinders etc.

Size & Weight Chart

Min. / Max.

maximum length maximum diameter weight
inches mm inches mm ton
172 4368 30 762 10